Encore Music Studios' Feb. 2018 Newsletter

Monday, February 19, 2018 by Bradley Allen | Newsletter

Encore Music Studios' February 2018 Newsletter

Encore Music Studios' Family,

While Valentine's Day is past us, you are in our hearts on our combined journey towards musical excellence!  We added some Valentine's Day Prizes and Stickers this February.  The periodic warming periods remind us of the upcoming Encore Spring Recitals!  A few of you might have begun practicing your recital songs.  If not, expect your teachers to assign you or your child songs in the next week or two.  Our Spring Recitals will take place Saturday, April 21st at The Church of the Master United Methodist Sanctuary on Otterbein Campus 24 N. Grove St. Westerville.  You may choose either the 10:00 am or 11:30 am time once the Signup Page at our website goes online on April 2nd.  Thanks again to Kitty, Director Emeritus for securing the wonderful venue!

While most of our students are practicing well, some, especially young students, have trouble at times.  If you are a parent of one of these children and are feeling discouraged, PLEASE talk with your child's teacher about these concerns or feel free to call me!  Collectively, we have a great deal of experience and in addition to incentives we offer through the Studio, we will work with you to find something to inspire them and increase their interest level through new music, greater challenges, or a customized incentive program, etc. . .

Ideally, we would like every student to be memorized for the Recitals but it is not absolutely necessary.  We will again ask our resourceful Encore Family to help with Recital refreshments.  More about the recitals later.  Thanks Parents, Grandparents, Students, and Teachers for all that you do to contribute to the musical excellence we strive for.  You are all enriching each other's lives and together making Encore the enthusiastic place it is!

Brad A., Director

Encore Music Studios

Encore Music Studios' January 2018 Newsletter

Sunday, January 21, 2018 by Bradley Allen | Uncategorized

Encore Music Studios' January 2018 Newsletter  

Encore Music Studios Family,

As we are well into the beginning of 2018,  I'd like to touch base with everyone during this wildly fluctuating Central Ohio weather season.  Encore has closed once this winter on Friday, January 12th.  We always close for Level 2 Snow Emergencies.  Check the www.encoremusicstudios.com homepage for Studio Weather Closure Updates during a Level 1 Snow Emergency.  I will post whether Encore is open or closed by 2:00 P.M. 

A big thank you to those of you who have automated your payments as I receive them reliably on time every month before the 25th!  Anyone having difficulty remembering or not making regularly timed payments, I would recommend talking to your bank or accessing it online and setting up a regular payment by check or ACH.  You may also enter your credit/debit card information and set up automatic payments after you login to our website.  if you have any questions, please let me know!

While a definitive date for Spring Recitals is not yet set, we plan on holding them on a Saturday in mid-late April.  We are looking forward to having many first-time participants involved!  More information to follow.

Thank you to all you students and supportive parents for filling up your Practice Star Sheets with Gold Stars!  Most of you are practicing 5-7 days a week!  Some of you are practicing consistently but are forgetting to write down your practice sessions on the Practicing to be a Star sheets.  Parents, please make an extra effort to remind your children to do this.

Most of all, thank you all for being a treasured part of Encore Music Studios and our mission to teach music through pursuing excellence, engendering enthusiasm, and creating enriching experiences within our teacher-student relationships!

Brad A., Director

Encore Music Studios

Encore's September Music Notes

Monday, September 4, 2017 by Bradley Allen | Newsletter

Dear Encore Parents and Students,

Happy Labor Day!  NO Lessons or Classes today.  Welcome back to school and cooler Autumn weather!  Expect teachers to begin assigning Recital repertoire if they haven't already.  Our Autumn Recitals are scheduled for Saturday, November 18th at 10:00 A.M., 11:30 A.M., and possibly 1:00 P.M. in the Sanctuary of The Church of the Master located at 24 N. Grove St. on the Otterbein University Campus!  This is the same location we have been graced to use for the last several Recitals thanks to Miss Kitty.   We are encouraging all students (adults too, as we have many) to participate.  It is a golden opportunity to gain experience studying a piece of music more intensely over a longer period of time to refine musical skills and expression as well as providing valuable performance acumen.  Recitals are also a great time to share with the Encore family and for students to hear various levels of ability, styles, and instruments.  Speaking of sharing social time, a big thank you once again to all the bakers in our family for the delicious treats after the Spring recitals!  We are asking once again for help in that area and there will be a place to signup to bring confections on the Autumn Recitals Signup Page when it goes live at the end of October.  Our new violin and viola teacher, Rachael Keplin, accompanied by Dr. Helen Allen, will perform Schubert's Arpeggione from his Sonata in A Minor,  at 11:15 A.M., between the 10:00 and 11:30 recitals.  Come a little early for the 11:30 recital or stay longer after the 10:00 recital for this performance!

Welcome to our new teachers starting in September: Sean Byrne, violist & violinist and Mary Daley-Moore, vocalist & pianist!  They both add to Encore as they have great musical talent and exhibit kindness and a love of students.  We're thrilled to have them both!

Please take time to review Encore's policies, particularly those referring to the tuition payment schedule.  There has been some confusion about whether Encore requires payment by the dates specified and whether a student can pay only partially depending on the the number of lessons attended.  Encore expects tuition by the 25th of the preceding month, no later than the 1st.  After the 1st, please add the required late fee.  Encore does not accept partial payments for monthly tuition unless there is a special arrangement with Brad, the Director of Encore, such as prorating the payments when a student is beginning in the middle of the month.   Thank You!

Encore has been adding new rewards to the Practice Prizes Bins.  Congratulations to many of you who are consistently practicing 5+ Days/week and earning Gold Stars!  You help yourselves and help Encore to be successful in its mission of excellence!

- Brad Allen, Director

Encore Music Studios