Encore's Covid-19 Response

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While Govenor Dewine has announced Ohio school closures beginning Tuesday, March 17th,   I want to let you know that Encore Music Studios is remaining open.  We are different from the schools in that we provide private lessons.  The primary concerns with the Covid-19 virus are with larger gatherings and older immune-compromised citizens.  We are implementing the the following policies to address the concerns our families may have:

-Everyone, if you have been coughing, sneezing, have a fever, or trouble breathing do not come to lessons. 

 -All teachers will be provided with disinfectant wipes in their studios that are to be used on the doorknobs, lightswitches, pianos, and another other shared contact surfaces.  Teachers, please clean these surfaces when they have been touched and upon arriving and leaving your studio.

-As best as we can, we will practice social distancing of 3-6 feet between teacher and student.  

-We have removed access to toys, books, games, and magazines in the lobbies.

I will keep everyone updated as we move through this less familiar territory within our close community.

Brad Allen, Director

Encore Music Studios


Encore Music Studios' April 2018 Newsletter

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Encore Music Studios' April 2018 Newsletter

 Encore Music Studios' Family,

While Easter always seems to welcome in Spring, today we had some snow-laden star magnolia buds at my house.  My first year as owner and director of Encore Music Studios in 2016 saw snow, wind, and cold surprise us on the day of the Spring Recitals.  I'm hopeful that on April 21st, we will see some more beautiful blooms and mild, sunny weather to go with the elegant and serene space in which we will be regaled with excellent music and enthusiastic participants.   I have never been more excited to hear our growing number of performers than during this Spring!  In fact, I was once again considering 3 recitals, but have decided that 2 longer recitals are appropriate.  There will not be a Teacher Showcase Performance in between recitals due to constraints of time.  We will also be beginning the 2nd performance at 11:45 am this year.  

Some of the voice students are being accompanied by Dr. Helen Allen and will be rehearsing Tuesday, April 17th between 6:45-8:30 pm.  Please bring  the $20 accompaniment fee made out to Helen Allen with you at that time.  The first 3 time slots are taken, so please let me know ASAP when you would like to rehearse.  The remaining time slots are 7:30-7:45, 7:45-8:00, 8:00-8:15, and 8:15-8:30.  Please contact me ASAP if none of those times work for you.

After placing the iPad in the Westerville lobby I noticed that almost all of the music games I had loaded required a horizontal orientation rather than a vertical orientation and so have adjusted the enclosure accordingly.  It seems to be getting some more use!  A special thanks to Lauren Arbolino for donating Hot Chocolate K-cups and Thermal Paper Cups for the Keurig K-Cup Machine in the Westerville lobby.  Just a reminder, please bring your own carafe and mug for the future as we usually will not be providing cups.

A quick less pleasant note-  Please make sure you are pre-paying for lessons.  I am showing an uncomfortable amount of outstanding payments as of today that were due April 1st(No joke!)  Regretfully,  I am now establishing a zero-tolerance policy where I will be automatically adding the current policy's $15 late fee to Encore accounts on the 2nd of each month for those payments that are late.  Hopefully this will help the cashflow and hold everyone accountable and on schedule. Feel free to call me in advance if you find yourself in unusual circumstances and need to make a different arrangement!

As always, thank you to each of you who make Encore Music Studios a great place to learn and thrive!  See you at the April 21st Spring Recitals at either 10:00 am or 11:45 am!

 Brad A., Director

 Encore Music Studios

Encore Music Studios' March 2018 Newsletter

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Encore Music Studios' March 2018 Newsletter


Encore Music Studios Family,

We are all excited to be learning our Recital Music!  Thank you teachers for being organized and entering the repertoire you've chosen in our Encore software!  I still want you parents to enter the songs your children will be performing once the 2018 Spring Recitals Sign-up Page goes live.  That way I'll be able to catch any mistakes more easily.  Our Spring Recitals will take place Saturday, April 21st at The Church of the Master United Methodist Sanctuary on Otterbein Campus 24 N. Grove St. Westerville.  You may choose either the 10:00 am or 11:30 am time once the Signup Page at our website goes online on April 2nd.

Some of you at the Westerville Studio may have noticed something new in the lobby.  I have placed an iPad in a sturdy enclosure to be used by any of our Encore Family.  It currently has almost 2 pages of Music App Games and will be cleaned every night.  My hope is that this addition will not diminish interest in drawing and coloring on the children's table, but only provide another option.  Also, I added new crayons for both the Dublin and Westerville lobbies.  

We are now working with several music publishing companies including Hal Leonard, Neil Kyos, and Alfred, and can provide a wide range of music books for teachers to distribute to students as needed.  Teachers, please let me know what music you need, and I will order it for you.  This is an effort to both streamline the process for everybody and to make the music purchases legal according to state law.  Consequently, Encore will be collecting sales tax now.  Any music distributed by teachers using this method will be added to the student's account and can be paid at the same time as the monthly tuition to Encore Music Studios.  Teachers, please record the Title of the music taken from our Library in Studio #6 in Westerville and the cost of the music on a sheet of paper next to the printer.

A special thanks to the excellent teachers who are a part of Encore Music Studios and for how they enrich the lives of their students.  I continue to get fantastic feedback from parents and students about how happy they are to be working with all of you!

 Brad A., Director

 Encore Music Studios