Policies and Tuition Overview

Lessons recur weekly at your scheduled time.  Tuition is deducted on a monthly basis and is due by the 25 th of each month preceding the month during which lessons take place.  A $15.00 late fee is added if payment is not received by the 5th of the month.  Family and multiple instrument discounts available.  

Private Lessons Monthly Tuition 


Learning musical instruments is no different than the learning of any other craft or academic pursuit in that you will get out of it what you put into it.  In order to promote the success of our students, at least 2 hours of lessons per month are expected in order for sufficient musical progress to be made.  Weekly instruction is most conducive to reaching this goal.  Requests for lesson options beyond what is listed above may be addressed to the Encore Music Studios Director, Brad Allen.



Should a need arise to withdraw from lessons, we ask that 4 weeks’ notice be given.  This allows us time to fill in empty slots or place new students.  



There are two Recitals per year: Spring and Autumn.  An accompanist will be provided for those who need one (see your teacher for details/cost).  An Autumn Recital helps to acquaint the students with the recital process and gives them necessary experience in front of an audience.  Spring Recitals toward the end of the school year offers a finale to their many months of hard work.  As the students grow and learn, their skill, artistry, and performance level grows as well.  The biannual recitals are an exciting measure of this growth, where students’ advancement in repertory and proficiency receive acknowledgment and reward.  We encourage all students to participate in the rewarding experience of the recitals!  The extra incentive of refreshments is offered at the end of each recital. 



As noted above, “you’ll get out of it whatever you put into it!”  Spending time practicing your instrument will not only lead to confidence, but to the possibility of mastery.  Learn to play to your full potential by setting aside regular practice time each week.  For young students, we recommend 10 - 20 minutes of practice 5 days/week; for older students (age 9 & up), 25 - 40 minutes 5 days/week.  Of course, if a student chooses to practice longer and/or more often, we would not mind at all (and would encourage it whole-heartedly)!  As an incentive, Encore Music Studios students fill out practice sheets and are invited to record their progress in Encore’s Heart for Practice (located inside the waiting room by the front door - see your teacher for details).  Winners receive monthly rewards/recognition.




Tuition is due in full by the 25 th  of each month.  There is a short grace period during which time tuition may be turned in without penalty.  In the case that tuition is not received by the 1 st  of the month, a $15.00 late fee will be charged.  

  • Registration is $25.00 per family.  Any additional registration fees for multiple family members will be applied to the first month's tuition 
  • Referrals:  Enrolled students earn a one-time $25.00 tuition credit for each referral who enrolls in private lessons of any kind.



As mentioned above, we offer four (4) lessons per month, and monthly tuition is based on this.  During the year, there are always several days in most months that occur during a fifth week.  Lessons continue as usual in this fifth week, though tuition does not cover it.  This allows for built-in make-up lessons to help cover times when students/teachers must miss.  A record is kept of these 5 th  lessons (which constitute make-up lessons).


  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving (Wednesday - Sunday),
  • Christmas/New Year’s (December 23 rd  - January 1 st) 
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • and a one week “Spring Break” during a time of each teacher’s choosing.


  • NOTE:  Tuition will not be adjusted for these holidays and make-up lessons will not be offered.  This works out over the course of 1 year.  Where some music studios have yearly tuition. we have monthly tuition.  Therefore, in order to offer our teachers these benefits, the average cost over a full year for Encore tuition is still slightly less than most of our competitors.





As stated above, weekly lessons are the standard format.  It is important that regularly scheduled lessons are kept in order for Encore Music Studios to run efficiently.  Too many missed lessons make it difficult for teachers to fit in make-ups due to the number of students we serve. Therefore, there is a maximum of one (1) make-up per month.  Arrangements for make-up lessons should be made at the time of cancellation (unless cancellation is due to an emergency).  However, if for any reason a lesson should need to be canceled, cancellations must be received by 6:00 P.M. the day before in order to give teachers reasonable time to make changes to their schedules and to guarantee a make-up lesson.  Cancellations received after 6:00 P.M. are, of course, completely acceptable.  In this case, however, a make-up lesson will not be warranted.  Please respect this policy. This is a necessary consideration for our teachers as holes in their schedules can often be filled with make-up lessons for other students if given sufficient notice of cancellation.  Our teachers work hard for you, so please let them know a day in advance of your intention to cancel.  If an impossible situation comes up and a lesson must be missed beyond the allowance of the one (1) per month (between the first and last day of any month), the teacher will offer a make-up lesson only if possible and at his/her convenience.  In this situation, a make-up lesson is not guaranteed.


*If you find that you are having to cancel more than once a month,

it might be more advantageous to move to a different, regular lesson time.

Sometimes, students need to adjust lesson times seasonally due

to work, school and/or summer activities.  Our teachers will work with

you to schedule a regular lesson time that will work for you!





Encore will close only under extreme weather conditions such as a Level 2 Snow Emergency, so we may be open for lessons even if schools close because of weather.  Closings will be posted on the Encore Music Studios Website Homepage.  However, if in doubt, please contact your teacher directly to confirm your lesson.



Classes & Group Lessons

  • Suzuki Violin Classes

We are proud to offer supplemental group Suzuki violin lessons for students already studying privately.  See your teacher for specific dates and times.  A minimum enrollment of 3 students is required for a class to convene (maximum enrollment = 6 per class).  An additional charge will be applied to your tuition for any month during which the class is taken.  See Tuition Schedule for rates.


  • Voice Class

Have you always wanted to learn how to sing?  Come discover the rudiments of proper vocal technique as well as the fundamental anatomy and physiology of the singing mechanism.  For those less secure or shy about solo singing, involvement in group lessons can help build confidence and show students a way forward toward an improved vocal quality.  It is an excellent introduction to the foundations of singing and can serve as a good launching point into private, one-on-one study.  Voice Class will be offered during the summer.  Space is limited.  See Tuition Schedule for rates.


  •  Master Classes

We are pleased to be able to offer master classes throughout the year (dates/times TBA).  A master class gives students the opportunity to work with a professional in front of other students so both performer and class benefit from the experience, learning how to discuss vocal technique in an informed and constructive way, solving vocal difficulties, and working on overall improvement in performance & artistry.


  • "Music & . . ." Enrichment Series

Offered in five (5) consecutive days during the summer months, the Music & . . . . Sampler Camp Classes are a fun way to learn about the integral connection between music and other disciplines.  In 2-hour daily segments, move through Music & Movies, Music & Sports, Music & Geography, Music & Jazz, and Music & Physics.  Hands-on activities accompany each session.  The Music & . . Enrichment Series will be scheduled between August and May at various times.  Schedule TBA.