Kitty's Music Scholarship Fund

 currently serves the educational communities of Columbus, Westerville, and Dublin.  

 A $600 Scholarship can be awarded to 1 deserving music student

 from each school/year in the corresponding School Districts.


Kathryn "Kitty" Laurich

"Kitty" has been involved with Encore Music Studios from the beginning in 1980:  First as a parent of two Encore students, then as Office Assistant, Suzuki Violin Teacher, Office Manager, Director, and finally Director Emeritus.  She retired in the Spring of 2019.  Those who know her might describe her as having the following qualities:  Effervescent smile, infectious and abundant laugh, sincere and spiritual concern for the welfare of children, love of music, organized, and highly respected in the community.  It is appropriate in keeping with her thoughtful and caring nature that Encore Music Studios establishes, in the same year of her retirement, a music lessons scholarship that will honor her efforts and character as well as reach out to our community schools to strengthen musical education resources for those students of high character, diligent effort, and musical potential who might otherwise be unable to find the financial resources to formally study the instrument of their choosing.  We at Encore Music Studios hope to combine our resources and inspire like-minded individuals, communities, organizations and corporations to contribute towards this foundation in building a lasting legacy to aid music education in the Northern Central Ohio Area.