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Flute Lessons

Flute Lessons



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Flute Lessons

Ages 8 and Up

The flute is an instrument in the woodwind family, along with clarinet and saxophone. The flute is different from other woodwind instruments due to its sound production - the flute sounds by blowing air across an opening in the pipe, rather than with a wooden reed. Flutes are amongst the oldest types of instrument found in human history, and were made of bone or wood. Modern day flutes are typically made of metals, like aluminum, silver, and gold. Flute is a very soloistic instrument, and has a beautiful, shimmering sound that many listeners enjoy. Flute is a popular instrument in classical music, yet is played in many genres: From jazz, worship, and folk music to even rock and pop, the flute is a versatile instrument. There is a significant amount of repertoire for the flute, so there is always more to explore and learn!

What styles of Flute do you teach?

Our flute instructor has experience and is qualified to teach classical, jazz, worship, pop, rock music and more.

What will I learn from Flute lessons at the Academy?

The Encore Music Studios flute instructor is qualified in training from the beginner through the advanced player. Posture, hand position, and core sound production are elements that will be strengthened alongside the musical instruction. In addition, the student's skills with embouchure flexibility, tone consistency and color, vibrato strength, articulation, dynamic contrast, and more will be worked upon. Our instructor pays special attention to musicality, and strives for every student to be expressive on their instrument. Alongside skills directly related to the flute, the student will also learn effective time management, practice and study skills, as well as music theory and aural skills.


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