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Violin & Fiddle Lessons

Violin & Fiddle Lessons



30 minute lessons weekly


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60 minute lessons weekly

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Violin & Fiddle Lessons

Ages 4 and Up

What’s the #1 reason to study violin at the Academy?

We have multiple violin and fiddle teachers with which we can pair each student and we teach all levels of talent and every musical style.

What styles of violin do you teach?

Our teachers are qualified to teach classical, bluegrass, jazz, pop, folk, indie, and more.

What will I learn from violin lessons at the Academy?

Beginner violin and fiddle students can expect to work on simple songs and melodies, sight-reading, technique, aural training and theory. Our instructors balance musicianship and fun by making sure that lessons present new technical challenges or theory concepts, and include something fun, such as your favorite musical passage or song. We use a variety of method books including Suzuki, Doflein, Wohlfahrt, and Kreutzer.

Do I need to purchase a violin to learn the instrument?

Ideally, each student will have access to a violin via rental or purchase.  Feel free to ask us if you need suggestions for stores to visit.


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