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August 2021 Music Notes Newsletter

Welcome Back Students to the 2021-2022 School Year! What better activity than music lessons to supplement your academic studies? We all love music. How about learning to play it? Sing it? Produce it? Understand it? We provide "music lessons near me".

Encore Music Studios and The Columbus and Westerville Academies of Music are happy to offer open and convenient time slots for music lessons to students- right after school and later in the evening as well as Saturday mornings and afternoon! Come get yours before they're taken. Call 614-882-6681 or register online right away (or as soon as get your autumn schedules.)

This past summer has been the busiest summer for Encore since I became Director. We are so thankful to have withstood COVID and are ready now to handle any remaining left over challenges from the pandemic. We are not afraid and hope no one else is either. We will continue to be careful and act thoughtfully, taking into consideration all information and being sensitive to every family's needs.

We are looking forward to Live and In-Person Autumn Recitals in November. See our Events page for more info.

Talk to your teachers or Brad about music lesson scheduling needs for the beginning of the school year.

Thank you to Leah Amarosa for teaching the Music Theory & Aural Training Class for the Spring and Summer. We wish you well on your graduate studies in Music Theory at CCM!

Great Job to Heath Benton, our guitar teaching intern this summer. We look forward to adding more students to your studio.

A Shout Out to All our teachers for the flexibility and dedication to be consistent forces for good and excellence in our students' lives. Your combined passion and musical prowess excites and energizes!

I will be taking over Music Theory & Aural Training Class on Saturdays from noon-1:00pm online. We may consider having in studio Class if there is enough interest. I am inviting all parents who wish to add this supplemental class for the kiddoes (or adult students who wish to be well-rounded) to attend this or next Saturday for an orientation. The way I've designed it, we are going to be able to serve 3 levels of students' needs concurrently. That means I am inviting everyone and anyone who is interested to the next two classes for free! After that, the tuition will be $40/month for each student who is currently taking lessons. You only need a computer/phone/tablet and Zoom to start. I am excited to build upon what we've been offering!

We also are going to be offering our Group Strings Enrichment Class once again beginning in September. Aaron will be teaching from our 2732 Sawbury Blvd. 43235 location in the large classroom. It will include a variety of styles including Jazz, Folk, Bluegrass, and Rock, perhaps some Classical as well. It will focus on improvisation and ensemble playing. Let Brad know if you are interested via email or text and we will arrange a time that works for all participants and Aaron.

We are always looking for Piano, Guitar, and Voice Teachers! If anyone knows of someone who would be a good fit with Encore, share our Employment Form.

Thanks to all our wonderful families for being such a delight to work with!

Brad Allen, Director

Encore Music Studios

The Columbus Academy of Music

The Westerville Academy of Music

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