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August 2016 Music Notes Newsletter

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Dear Encore Music Studios Family,

Thank you for your support of our Studios. It is an honor to be entrusted with the musical education of each student. Also, thank you for your understanding and feedback as we continue to implement new ideas and services here at Encore. We have been focusing on improving the practice of each and every student. We have begun attaching practice sheets to the inside cover of the students’ music books. This will create a reliable record of practice minutes that should improve the accountability of each student. We also have begun a pilot program at the Westerville location to help create a sense of community within the Studios by asking each student to place glass gems in a glass heart corresponding to the number of days practiced each week. Our initial goal is to fill the heart completely as quickly as possible. As our Studio grows, we hope to add a rewards program for students who demonstrate superior practice habits and a charitable giving program for Studio practice success!

We have added free bottled water in our Studio lobbies during these hot summer months and fully intend to add a K-cup coffee/hot chocolate dispenser in Westerville in time for the winter months. There will be an opportunity to vote on what hot K-cup beverage choices we provide in the near future.

We have also revised and updated our Policies and Tuition Schedule. The Updated Tuition Schedule applies to all new students and will be put into effect in August 2017 for all Encore students. The most impactful change in policy addresses the Tuition Due Date which is now the 25 th day of the preceding month. The tuition is now late if not received by the 1 st of the month. This allows Encore to meet its financial obligations on time. This policy goes fully into effect for the month of October which means October tuition is due by September 25 th . Please voluntarily and proactively include a late fee of $15 if you make payment after October 1 st .

We are looking at Saturday, November 5 th at The Church of the Master for our Autumn Recital. More details will follow. Sean has been busy preparing for Suzuki Group Classes to begin in September (we pushed back the beginning month from August). We encourage all serious Suzuki String students to take full advantage of this further opportunity.

Thanks again for being an integral part of the Encore Music Studios Family!

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