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February 2017 Music Notes Newsletter

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Everybody Practicing?

While we kicked off January Jam at the beginning of the month, if you're new to Encore, I'd like to explain a little about it. At both the Dublin and Westerville locations, there are dry erase Announcement Boards that have information about our newly instituted music practice system. The unofficial age range for the system is 3-16 years old, but adult learners are welcome to participate as well! Many students have achieved the green and blue stars, and some red stars at this point! Essentially, we want every student to have as his or her practice goal every week 5 or more days of personal practice. We want them to be disciplined and consistent in their commitment to excelling at their chosen instrument/s. It also teaches them to manage their time wisely. In February, students will have the opportunity to begin earning gold stars. Once they have earned a gold star for 4 consecutive weeks, they earn a prize(Artsy Success Pencils, Refillable Pens with Comfort Grips, Local Coupons or Certificates, etc . . .)! The students will begin choosing 1 prize for every 4 consecutive gold stars they earn. If they have consecutive gold stars until the Encore Music Studios' Spring Recital(which is now officially scheduled for Saturday, April 29th at either 10:00am or 11:30am, perhaps also 1:00pm if needed), then they will select a larger prize(Ear Buds, Hard-Bound Music Composition Book, Guitar Chords Book, Supplemental Music Book, etc . . .) If the student is away on vacation for most of a week without access to their instrument, such as during Spring Break, this week will not break the student's consecutive star streak.

Additionally, during the week of Valentine's Day(Feb.13th-18th), instead of moving the Glass Gems from the Glass Star to the Glass Heart, Encore will be celebrating by allowing each student to consume customized Encore Valentine's M&M's, the number being determined by the amount of days practiced the previous week. PARENTS, PLEASE monitor your young children to make sure they do not take a large handful!

Encore's Spring Recital

It would excite us and fill our hearts to have Everyone commit to participate in the Recitals this Spring!!! Adult learners, nervous students, and beginners : WE WANT YOU! Well, we want everyone else too! There is no fee for the Recitals(unless you need an accompanist- it will be a modest fee)! It is a loving, supportive environment. There are free homemade gourmet treats! It is a great opportunity to socialize with other Encore families! Plus, we will have at least 1 or more guest performers in between recitals!

We are enthused by the response of parents and students to January Jam and will work to keep the momentum going! Oh, in Westerville we added Green Tea to our mix of hot drinks and sealed a small crack at the bottom of the entry door to keep the lobby toastier! Thank you Encore families and teachers once again for your effort and support!

Brad A.

Director, Encore Music Studios

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