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Encore's Covid-19 Response

While Governor Dewine has announced Ohio school closures beginning Tuesday, March 17th, I want to let you know that Encore Music Studios is remaining open. We are different from the schools in that we provide private lessons. The primary concerns with the Covid-19 virus are with larger gatherings and older immune-compromised citizens. We are implementing the the following policies to address the concerns our families may have:

  • Everyone, if you have been coughing, sneezing, have a fever, or trouble breathing do not come to lessons.

  • All teachers will be provided with disinfectant wipes in their studios that are to be used on the doorknobs, lightswitches, pianos, and another other shared contact surfaces. Teachers, please clean these surfaces when they have been touched and upon arriving and leaving your studio.

  • As best as we can, we will practice social distancing of 3-6 feet between teacher and student.

  • We have removed access to toys, books, games, and magazines in the lobbies.

I will keep everyone updated as we move through this less familiar territory within our close community.

Brad Allen, Director

Encore Music Studios


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