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January 2022 Music Notes Newsletter



Watch the Video below to learn more about Encore Music Studios Piano Sales!

(Pricing from $550.00 - $2199.00 plus Sales Tax)

Welcome to Olivia, Gabriel, and Dr. Anita Chiu to our teaching ranks! Olivia is in her senior year in the Otterbein University School of Music studying guitar while Gabriel is a multi-talented composer, drummer, pianist, and performer. Anita has been the Concert Master in several orchestras as an accomplished violinist and loves to teach!

Guitar Teacher Drum and Piano Teacher Violin and Piano Teacher

Congratulations to all our student performers in the Christmas and Holiday Watch Parties!

An additional thank you to Ricky Feria and Laura Hedstrom for putting them together.

Just a Reminder, We take Covid Seriously. Please DO NOT come in to the Studios if you are sick and have not been tested for Covid. This January and during this wave of the Omicron variant, we must be diligent and not fearful. We will continue to provide masks, hand sanitizer, and ask that everyone try to keep the lobbies as uncongested as possible.

Dr. Helen T. Allen

A Great Big Thank You to my wife, Helen, for supporting me on this journey that has been the development of Encore Music Studios. She experiences my excitement and passion for this opportunity and provides encouragement, council, and wisdom. Any of you who are Bible scholars are aware that in the pearls of advice that constitute Proverbs and Ecclesiastes, wisdom is referred to in the feminine. I tell my sons that this is purposeful. "Alongside the direction to obey parents and love those around you, it is important to listen to those who have knowledge and wisdom." My wife has both of those in spades.

One last thing-

There have been anonymous donors contributing to the Encore Kitty's Music Scholarship Fund alongside generous others. Bless you for your care for those facing financial challenges and helping grow in our students skills and a lasting love of music without the nagging burden of financial strain!

Music Teacher
Bradley D. Allen, Director

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